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  TS Series Molded Case Circuit Breaker
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Webster TSE series molded case leakage circuit breakers for AC 501-1z, rated voltage 400V, rated
Current = ~ 800A of the circuit for frequency conversion and motor are not infrequent start with. Circuit breakers with overload Long time inverse,
Inverse short time delay circuit, short circuit, given the short time delay, instantaneous short-circuit and under voltage protection, to protect the circuit and power supply
From damage.
● circuit breaker can be mounted vertically (ie vertical installation) and also horizontally (ie cross-loaded).
● The circuit breaker is not to the line, that can only be 1,3,5 extension cords, 2,4,6 then the load line.
Meet the standards
International standards:
● IEC947-1: General (GB / T 14048.1)
● IEC947-2: Circuit Breaker (GB / T 14048 2)
● lEC947-4: Contactors and motor starters ((3B 14048.4】
● lEC947-5.1: Control devices and switches; automatic control elements (GB 14048.5)
National Standards:
● GB 140481.1 General
● GB 140481.2 breaker
Suitable working environment
● Altitude: Installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m;
● Ambient temperature: not higher than +40 ℃ (for marine products +45 ℃) and not lower than -5 ℃, the average ambient air temperature, 24h
Does not exceed +35 ℃.
● atmospheric conditions: air relative humidity in the ambient air temperature is +40 ℃ less than 50%. . At lower temperatures can be high
Relative humidity; the wettest month of the monthly mean maximum relative humidity of 90%, while the lowest monthly average for the month humidity ± 25 ℃, and taking into account
Occurs due to moisture condensation on the surface of the product.
● can withstand the impact of moist air;
● can tolerate salt spray, oil mist of;
● can withstand the impact of mold; can withstand the impact of nuclear radiation: the maximum angle of inclination of 22 5 ℃;
● Ship by the normal vibration in the working reliably;
● In the case by the earthquake (4g) can be reliably work;
● No risk of explosion in the medium, and the media enough to corrode metal and damage the insulation of the local gas and electric dust:
● In the absence of rain and snow hit areas.
All Webster TSE circuit breakers are suitable for isolation, in line with lEC947-2 standard
Isolation test with guaranteed security:
● by the position indicator system to ensure the reliability of mechanical contacts
● No leakage current
● Overvoltage tolerance is the voltage between the inlet and outlet of its tolerance.
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