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  Intelligent circuit breaker TW Series
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  A per-use category.
  a non-selective b selective
  B divided by installation:
  a fixed b drawer
  c divided by number of poles:
  Three-pole four-pole
  D divided by mode of operation:
    a manually operated electric operation b
  Release type
  Intelligent controllers under voltage instantaneous overcurrent (or delay) release, shunt release
  Intelligent controller performance and features over-current
  A performance:
  into a smart controller; H type (communication with), M-type (normal type), L-type (economic)
  b overload Long time inverse, short inverse time delay, set time limits, instantaneous function. Users can set their own protection features needed for the composition
  c single phase protection;
  d display: setting the current display, operating current display, the line voltage display (voltage display should be raised in order);
  e alarm: overload alarm;
  f self-test function: overheat self test, computer self-diagnosis:
  g Test function: test the controller s operating characteristics.
  B, features:
  Intelligent controller divided by function of three types:
  【L-E-DIP Current column shows Adjustments
  M-Standard [current number (characters) display, a button or buttons to adjust]
  H-communications-based 【current number (characters) shows the button or buttons to adjust and can communicate】



    Any specifications of the controller can achieve entry alarm function, when the load current exceeds the rated current value, pre-alarm contact output by the controller, the panel LED flashing alarm.
    Signal unit and the operation control
    When the long delay, short delay, instantaneous, or ground tripping circuit breakers and other reasons, the trip signal indicating other contacts through the intelligent controller output, mean light-emitting diode
    Instructions. H-controller for the station also used to control gates, storage, sub-gate contact output.
    Meter Function
    M, H-type controller with ammeter, voltmeter, power factor meter meter functions such as easy and intuitive operation. (Order)
    Advanced fault information management
    Fault detection and display phase fault current and fault time. All data are the fault type, recorded in the E squared PROM, even though the controller power off, you can also maintain records
    Help to understand the nature of the accident situation and the circuit.
    ZCT connection with the external leakage protection can be achieved
    Leakage protection with intelligent controller and external ZCT connections, leakage alarm can also be achieved as necessary leakage directly release.
    Self-diagnostic function
    On the ambient temperature over-temperature alarm, the circuit breaker contact wear indicator, and other functions of self-protection device to ensure the reliability of power supply,
    Intelligent Control Unit
    + Controller for H-product of the closing transmission & storage operations such as sub-gate control signals to the intelligent control unit ten relay contact output, enabling the operation of motor control +
    Contact capacity of AC220V, 10A; OC28V, 10A
    Data transmission and control management
    RS48s controller has a standard interface, can be realized; kinds of agreements bus programs, data transmission and remote monitoring and management system of the four operations. Auxiliary transmission rate of 187 5K (9600) Transmission
    A shielded twisted pair medium Lou

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