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The World Bank said China s infrastructure in the revitalization of the African
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According to foreign media reports, the World Bank has said China is investing in Africa and the railway station construction project. The bank said in its latest report, which will revitalize the dire lack of infrastructure projects in Africa, and China can be desperately short of oil and other mineral resources.
    The bank said that 35 countries in Africa have financial support of infrastructure projects, such as Nigeria, Angola, Sudan and Ethiopia to accept about 70% of financial assistance.

      The bank said Africa and China have complementary economies. Resource-rich Africa needs infrastructure funding hundreds of billions of dollars. Fast development of China s manufacturing industry needs oil. Two-thirds of Sudan s oil exports to China.

      In 2006, China imported from the sub-Saharan countries, 22 billion U.S. dollars, petroleum products accounted for 80% or more. The bank said that China relies on about 30% of Africa s oil to meet demand, although China imports oil from Africa than the U.S. number is very small.

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