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General Electric began "downsizing" from the six sectors into four
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Reporter learned yesterday from China, GE, General Electric (GE) Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt, 25, announced that in order to achieve more efficient growth, the company decided to streamline its organizational structure and part of the business to adjust. GE s industrial sector restructuring from six to four, the new structure including two in the infrastructure sector, the adjustment is effective immediately, and does not involve staff reductions.

New industry sectors, including technology infrastructure, energy infrastructure, finance, NBC Universal four, six industry sectors before restructuring are: infrastructure, industrial, medical, commercial finance, consumer finance, NBC Universal.

GE Technology Infrastructure headed by the GE Vice Chairman John Rice, including medical, aviation, transport systems and enterprise solutions business; energy infrastructure by the new vice chairman in charge of John Crane Niki, including energy, oil and natural gas, water treatment and process treatment business; GE Finance in charge of the Vice Chairman Mike Neal, encompasses all of GE s financial services business, including commercial finance, consumer finance, commercial aviation services vertical industries, energy financial services, and financing of the company s financial department. NBC Universal still 杰夫扎克尔 charge, and NBC Universal continue to focus on the development of globalization and diversification.

Immelt also announced that, GE Board of Directors has appointed serve at GE for 24 years, John Crane, 46-year-old Nicky as a GE vice chairman.

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