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Switching the direction of development of complete sets of equipment
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Low voltage switch equipment is an important part of the machinery industry is a major electricity transmission and distribution equipment industry, with close economic and social development. Since reform and opening, China s low voltage switch equipment manufacturing industry is developing rapidly. In just a few years and achieved great success, there are thousands of packages and components on a large scale manufacturers, the number of product types and specifications of contending, and with the new technologies, the emergence of new materials, and the section of the economy section rose, complete sets of equipment also have new requirements and new directions, many of the old original products and technologies can not meet the needs of social development, low voltage switch equipment manufacturing industry is facing rare development opportunities and challenges.

(A) development opportunities. With the national economic development and people s living standards, technology advances, a variety of inputs and the use of modern equipment, making the low voltage switch equipment in power generation, transmission, substation, production sites and public facilities, residential areas, used widely, the development of space is very broad. Second, the state power industry development opportunities. First, the "fifth" period to continue to focus on the development of power industry. Gross domestic product by 7% average annual growth estimates, plus because of the "great generation of smaller" and eliminate programs such as the small thermal power shut down small thermal power units, is expected to "fifth" period of new installed capacity will reach 78 million kW. Second, the urban and rural power grid construction and transformation of the basis of the first three years will continue to invest in the "Tenth Five" still plans to invest 250 billion yuan during the period the cost. These are low voltage switch equipment manufacturing market, provided a rare opportunity. Third, major national construction projects and the western development opportunities. "Fifth" period, electric railways, highways, urban light rail, subway and other projects have a big progress, "East", "South" and the DC transmission, DC network and other projects have started to Shandong Hebei 500kV network is under construction, the Three Gorges hydropower station will start generating serious. The situation for the low voltage switch equipment industry offers tremendous opportunities.

(B) of the first challenges facing the challenge of foreign competitors. With China s accession to the WTO, multinational corporations to further invest in China, the implementation of "localization" strategy; foreign advanced low voltage switch equipment poured into the domestic market is inevitable, and domestic enterprises to directly face the powerful foreign competitors, the original Product price advantage under attack. Second, the product structure performance and new product development. In product variety, quality and performance, there are many problems. Low-voltage products, excessive competition, technological content and added value of the switching equipment market space will become smaller and smaller. Our suite of products has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of social development, our new product development efforts is still far behind the developed countries, our product design philosophy still only mid-level in developed countries, while developed countries but also in the continuously New technologies, new materials, new technology has updated the field to try and break through, so we must effectively promote the development of complete sets of equipment reorientation, to effectively solve the backward technology and product quality issues, indeed absorb advanced ideas, experience and technology to high-quality, high value-added new generation products and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Increase the low voltage switch equipment, advanced manufacturing technology to the world closer, and intelligent, compact, high performance and safety performance, high reliability, maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, has become the world s inevitable development of complete sets of equipment trend. While multi-level, multi-species development. Multi-level refers to the technical performance of similar products in the structure, installation, intelligent and so should be the difference between low high school to meet different user s needs; variety is the use of the environment and adapt to different conditions and needs of different occasions, such as moisture, dust, corrosion, water, mining, marine, underwater operations, and other occasions, the conditions to use the product. Integration of digital technology in both low-voltage switchgear in the increasingly widespread application. Because these products have the control, protection, detection of the important features of digital, with optimizing the management, increase efficiency, reduce production costs, reduce maintenance costs and so on. Further promote the enterprise information, and enhance ability to accelerate the pace of technological innovation and information technology.

Guide enterprises to accelerate the popularization and application of information technology to improve the use of digital, network, and intelligent information processing technology and the development of the ability of various information resources, and promote the manufacturing process and enterprise management of information technology. Improve the quality and standards. While enterprises should conscientiously implement the IS09000 quality system, "Standardization Law." China has also increased the development of standards and amendments, as part of our standards have not been revised for a long time, while the new technologies, new materials, technology supporting the application of standards and there is a big gap between the international, so the absorption and use of international standards for a wide range is a complete set of equipment international flag. Vigorously promote the brand strategy, enhance product quality management, build strong brands. In accordance with the mandatory product certification of product catalog, do a good job Compulsory Certification ("3C" certification) of the promotion and implementation in a timely manner to absorb international technical regulations, technical trade measures and other information, speed up product quality standards and international standards. Complete sets of equipment, there is a clear direction of development characteristics of the times, these scientific advances in human performance, human cognition and the concept of upgrading is an inevitable stage in the development of complete sets of equipment and the inevitable trend. The main performance and features are as follows.

Intelligent equipment: With the industrial, agricultural and technological development and people s living standards improve, the quality of a higher power supply requirements, but also the performance of electrical equipment and set higher requirements, and with the development of new technologies , especially electronics, microelectronics technology and the rapid development of computers, electrical components will have far-reaching implications, the original products continue to improve the performance, functionality, while improving quality, will generate a number of new products. There are various features of 1, intelligent electrical products. 2, 3 electronic products, product mix, modular. This makes the equipment intelligent, simple operation has become the foundation for development and its inevitable development. Because the different electrical environment, power conditions, the labor intensity considerations, labor reduction and the need to ensure the accuracy and improve operating efficiency, etc. starting at the same time, the popularity of computers, communications devices become more powerful, the intelligent increased development of infinite space.

Miniaturization of complete sets of equipment: the development of modern science and technology, new technology and new technology and new materials, it allows electrical components has been considerable progress. By optimizing the design, select small components, improving the fracture pressure, components and functions of complex integration, new technologies such as optical sensors and other applications, so compact, in order to achieve product miniaturization, to achieve smaller footprint, reduced footprint, low consumption (energy and materials) and high reliability purposes. Dianqi to device more and more refined, more and more small and do small switchgear conditions are the most basic guarantees, while the explosion of power load 城市, population Midu increase, in order to save space, in order to reduce the loss, in order to reduce space requirements, in order to facilitate the transportation and installation, in order to reduce material costs, along with the pursuit of economic performance and resource scarcity factors, the products will be small and compact to the direction, while the use of modern equipment and modern processing technology level enhance the development for small to provide a good basic condition. Complete sets of equipment with high safety and reliability: we enter the 21st century, people s concept has undergone tremendous change in the 21st century, people-oriented society, the high degree of emphasis on human subjectivity, human needs, human protection. Therefore, the safety and reliability of equipment is up to a higher level, the state has also developed GB19517 (National Electrical equipment safety specifications), (Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment, shell and general requirements), and related new standards to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment, systems and products to maximize the quality and quality of power supply operation, and to save costs and improve economic efficiency, it is users and equipment manufacturers work together for the purpose. Infrared technology, electronic line detection technology, electromagnetic shielding for the high-security technology, equipment, provides the basis for the development of technology, high reliability, less maintenance-free products in the market demand, Bi Qiang rapid and steady growth.

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