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Webster Electric in China
        Webster Electric Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong, China is the world s leading power and automation technology company specializing in the production. Products are widely used in energy and infrastructure, industrial, commercial and civil areas of low voltage distribution network protection and control. Products meet international standards, and through China 3C compulsory certification. Webster Electric from the industrial automation, power distribution products, equipment, building automation and three major business divisions, and our mission - anytime, anywhere, will be the perfect human sacrifice Electrical World. Our vision - a significant effect on the industry, as well as leading electrical solutions and services provider. Our direction: a trustworthy company, the outstanding cooperation of a company worth an outstanding long-term development partner.

Webster Electrical and were off China s economic development
        China s huge market potential and rapid economic development. Global marketing strategy for its consistent adherence to Webster is undoubtedly an opportunity. Webster, based in Xiamen, China. After several years of efforts, China has established a complete marketing network. First-class production base. Modern logistics centers and professional technical support team. The representative of the world-class low-voltage power distribution products and solutions to customers in China share.

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